New construction
Service Upgrades
Design / Build services - Bring us your electrical requirements. We can design the electrical installation and the build it - one stop shopping
Home Theater - We can install all the electrical parts of your home Theater. From scene lighting / dimming to LED pathway lighting to HDMI, cable and satellite cable installation.


Small Jobs
New construction - Additions & Renovations
Power Distribution, Feeders and Service work - Repair / upgrade / modify your power distribution / feeders
Electrical Maintenance
PLC / DLC work / service / repairs
Design / Build services - Bring us your electrical requirements. We can design the electrical installation and the build it - one stop shopping
Energy conservation (lighting)


Lighting Design & Installation - Lighting is functional and asthetic. Anyone can slap a light on a ceiling; does it look as good as it should? How about the quality of the light? Too dim or too bright? Is it glaring or off color? A good lighting design takes into consideration the intended purpose of the space along with the decor and function. Layers of light bathe a room with proper lighting. We can install what we design at competitive pricing.
Energy Savings - If a light is on for more than several hours per day , chances are that you can save BIG MONEY by switching over to energy efficient lighting. It can be as simple as a replacement compact fluorescent lamp. Let us help you save. Commercial customers usually can see a return on investment in under 3 years - after that it's money in the bank! Lighting Maintenance Programs - Commercial customers can choose to purchase a contract for us to maintain / repair you lighting system at competitive rates.
Landscape Lighting - NEVER rely on landscape or irrigation contractors to install outdoor landscape lighting, They are usually not licensed to do electrical work and many do poor installations. We place wiring in the ground so that when you plant a flower you don't cut the underground wires. We work with landscape architects to do it right the first time. Advanced Lighting Controls - from occupancy sensors to scene control dimming to timers to home automation using both RF and power line controls, we design / install and service it.
Lighting Replacement


Data / Voice & Control cable plant wiring - We install CAT5 / 5E / 6 networking cable for homes & offices. We also install voice and control wiring (intercoms, thermostat, remote entry & door bell).

Fire Prevention

Smoke detectors
CO detectors
Fire Alarm systems
Maintenance and repair


Power conditioning - Expensive electronic equipment needs surge protection and power line conditioning. A single lightning strike a .5 mile away can potentially destroy every piece of electronic equipment in a house, office or factory. A power strip isn't going to stop it. Whole house / office power conditioning is a necessity ( along with quality power strips inside the house / office to protect from spikes and surges generated within the house/ office).
Generator installation - The electric grid is becoming less and less reliable. Ice storms and wind storms knock down trees that sever power lines. It's not unheard of to be with out power for 5 to 7 days. A Back Up Generator can keep you warm and comfortable is becoming a necessity. People with serious medical conditions should absolutely be considering back up power.

Green Technology

Photovoltaic systems
Wind Generators

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